Maple sugaring at Shelburne Farms

Maple sugaring at Shelburne Farms

Maple sugaring at Shelburne Farms

Sap from sugar maples has been boiled down into syrup since before colonial days. Every spring, Shelburne Farms visitors experience this historic process. They might learn to select and tapping a tree as well as help collect and boil sap into syrup. The sugarbush at Shelburne Farms offers a chance to explore history and make a connection to the natural world. Students on field trips experience the sugaring process. They may use math to measure, select, drill and tap a maple tree and later help gather sap. Students calculate sap output and investigate impacts of weather and climate on both the syrup and on the trees long-term. They visit the sugarhouse, watch the boiling sap and talk with the sugarmakers. [Read more here.] 


About Sanne Kure-Jensen

Sanne Kure-Jensen is a frequent contributor to Country Folks, Country Folks Grower and Wine & Grape Grower bringing regional and national attention to agriculture in RI and across southern New England. She has also written for newsletters of the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA), Holistic Management International (HMI), RI Beekeepers Association and RI Tree Council. Read Sanne’s work at her Sustainable Living page at Sanne has written successful grant applications for alternative energy projects, staff and board training, products and services. Clients include agricultural businesses, farm stand/markets and non-profit organizations. Recent successful grant projects include a $90,000 USDA Rural Development‘s Rural Energy For America Program (REAP), $10,000 Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Farmer and $20,000 Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG). Sanne is the part-time Administrator for NOFA/RI, a Rhode Island Certified Horticulturist and beekeeper. She is a NOFA Accredited Organic Land Care Professional and has lectured across southern New England on Beekeeping, Native Pollinators and Ecological Landscape Design. Learn more about the NOFA’s Land Care programs or contact Sanne for a garden consultation through the NOFA/RI website.
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