Food System Solutions in New England

Christoph Hinske and the Institute for Strategic Clarity will map New England’s regional food system.

Christoph Hinske of the Institute for Strategic Clarity will map New England’s Food System

According to many American food system workers and consumers, our food system is broken.

Organic farmer Diana Kushner of Arcadian Fields Farm in Hope Valley, RI explains it this way: “1) Local … food does not cost too much, industrial food with all of its hidden environmental and social costs (think slave labor and the plight of migrant workers) is too cheap. (2) Subsidies to corn and soy make [processed] food cheap.”

Field laborers, food processors and restaurant workers do not often receive living wages. New American Farmers (formerly known as migrant workers), typically earn so little they cannot afford to live where they work or purchase the food they produce. Food processors may work in dangerous production facilities with minimal safety training. Restaurant workers rarely havepaid sick leave. They risk being fired to stay home from work to care for a sick child or other family member. Many of the poorest workers fear reprisals, losing their jobs or becoming blacklisted if they complain. Worker advocacy groups offer these workers a voice.

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About Sanne Kure-Jensen

Sanne Kure-Jensen is a frequent contributor to Country Folks, Country Folks Grower and Wine & Craft Brew News bringing regional and national attention to agriculture across southern New England.
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